LIST=Legal Issues Taxonomy

LIST is a taxonomy of legal issues, needs, and situations that people may face. It matches people’s life situations to standard legal terms and codes. Stanford Legal Design Lab maintains LIST.

LIST provides standard codes to use in your civic and legal technology projects. It also maps to other legal dictionaries and problem code taxonomies.

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Public BenefitsBE-00-00-00-00

This category covers public benefits and social services that people can get from the government, like for food, disability, old age, housing, medical help, unemployment, child care, or other social needs.

Work and Employment LawWO-00-00-00-00

This category covers issues related to working at a job, including discrimination and harassment, worker's compensation, workers rights, unions, getting paid, pensions, being fired, and more.

Estates, Wills, and GuardianshipsES-00-00-00-00

This category covers planning for end-of-life, possible incapacitation, and other special circumstances that would prevent a person from making decisions about their own well-being, finances, and property. This includes issues around wills, powers of attorney, advance directives, trusts, guardianships, conservatorships, and other estate issues that people and families deal with.

Crime and PrisonsCR-00-00-00-00

This category covers issues in the criminal system including when people are charged with crimes, go to a criminal trial, go to prison, or are a victim of a crime.


This category covers issues that arise within a family, like divorce, adoption, name change, guardianship, domestic violence, child custody, and other issues.

Accidents and TortsTO-00-00-00-00

This category covers problems that one person has with another person (or animal), like when there is a car accident, a dog bite, bullying or possible harassment, or neighbors treating each other badly.

Traffic and CarsTR-00-00-00-00

This category covers problems with traffic and parking tickets, fees, driver's licenses, and other issues experienced with the traffic system. It also concerns issues with car accidents and injuries, cars' quality, repairs, purchases, and other contracts.


This category covers issues with accessing health services, paying for medical care, getting public benefits for health care, protecting one's rights in medical settings, and other issues related to health.

Money, Debt, and Consumer IssuesMO-00-00-00-00

This category covers issues people face regarding money, insurance, consumer goods and contracts, taxes, and small claims about quality of service.


This category covers issues with paying your rent or mortgage, landlord-tenant issues, housing subsidies and public housing, eviction, and other problems with your apartment, mobile home, or house.

Veterans and MilitaryVE-00-00-00-00

This category covers issues, laws, and services specific to people who have served in the military.


This category covers visas, asylum, green cards, citizenship, migrant work and benefits, and other issues faced by people who are not full citizens in the US.

Disaster ReliefDI-00-00-00-00

This category covers issues related to natural disasters and public health emergencies, including people's rights, getting benefits and assistance, clearing title to property, and dealing with insurance.

Civil and Human RightsRI-00-00-00-00

This category covers people's fundamental rights, that the government should protect and others should respect. It applies to situations of discrimination, abuse, due process, the first amendment, indigenous rights, and other key rights.

Environmental JusticeEN-00-00-00-00

This category covers issues around pollution, hazardous waste, poisons, and other issues with the environment.

Courts and LawyersCO-00-00-00-00

This category covers the logistics of how a person can interact with a lawyer or the court system. It applies to situations about procedure, rules, how to file lawsuits, how to hire lawyers, how to represent oneself, and other practical matters about dealing with these systems.

Native American Issues and Tribal LawNA-00-00-00-00

This category covers issues and laws specific to Native Americans and indigenous populations. It includes special legal protections, programs, services, and options that members of Native American tribes may have, as well as the tribal court system, tribal enrollment, and native-based legal services. It also may cover particular problems that are unique to Native American communities.


This category covers issues around school, including accommodations for special needs, discrimination, student debt, discipline, and other issues in education.

Government ServicesGO-00-00-00-00

This category covers services that people request from the government, including licenses for firearms, businesses, and hunting, as well as requests for information, and other privileges from the government.

Small Business and IPBU-00-00-00-00

This category covers issues faced by people who run small businesses or nonprofits, including around incorporation, licenses, taxes, regulations, and other concerns. It also includes options when there are disasters, bankruptcies, or other problems.